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Let’s make a list of your favorite winter destinations. It’s easy to assume that names like Zermatt and Alpe d’Huez, Kitzbuhel and Val Gardena, Chamonix and Garmisch-Partenkirchen will find a place in it. Wonderful sites, indeed, but hardly affordable every winter. Do you have Bansko on that list, by the way? Or maybe Borovets? Pamporovo? No? Well, perhaps this winter is the right time to book Bulgaria skiing vacation. If you never have the mountains in the heart of the Balkans, here are some pretty good reasons to consider such a trip in the following weeks.

  1. There is no cheaper option in Europe

europe destinationsYou might have heard about that, even if haven’t been to the country previously. Whether you check the reports of tour agencies and magazines or search for customers’ opinions, it will be rather unlikely to find someone to deny that picking Bulgaria ski holidays is the most affordable agenda for the winter break. You can book a hotel for one week stay for a cost below 250 GBP in the mountains named Rila, Pirin, and Rhodopes. The leading Bulgarian resorts top the rankings of the cheap ski holidays 2018 edition.

Bansko represents the most famous destination for skiing in Bulgaria. The town set in the footsteps Pirin Mountain has been confirmed to be the cheapest winter resort in Europe a few weeks ago by the Post Office Travel survey. Bulgaria skiing choices to consider also include Borovets, located in Rila, and Pamporovo in Rhodopes.

  1. The low-cost flights land in Sofia

If you think that reaching to the South-Eastern corner of Europe takes a long time, then you have the wrong idea about such travel. Sofia is not more than three hours away from any airport in Europe and for the most starting points, the time is shorter than that. Most of the low-cost companies operate regular flights to Sofia. The state’s capital is situated only one hour away from the oldest Bulgarian skiing resort – Borovets. Anyway, the transfer to Bansko or Pamporovo would take longer – three or even four hours from the airport.

Well, the top deals from the Balkan Holidays catalog might not include every possible flight. Among the cheap ski holidays, 2018-19 campaign offers to the travelers there are dozens to match your demands. Make sure to take the best value out of your Bulgaria skiing adventure combining affordable accommodation with low fares for the plane seat.

  1. You don’t have to carry much luggage

sofia airpot bulgaria luggageThe low-cost trip is hard to achieve if you bring lots of stuff with you. Opting for Bulgaria ski holidays gives the opportunity to travel with a smaller number of bags without carrying too much equipment. All leading winter resorts in the country allow you to hire ski and boots at the spot on a price worth considering. Pre-booking some of the package deals for skiing in Bulgaria (Full-Ski or First-Timers pack) means that you pay less than 200 GBP for a 6-day lift pass, equipment hire, and ski tuition. There are minor differences in the price depending on the resort.

Sure, if you wish to stick with your own skis and boots, that’s perfectly fine. Carrying more luggage might add to the flight fare. Anyway, with Balkan Holidays you have 20 kg included in the deal. Don’t forget to check what is the option for storage in the list of Bulgaria ski holidays. In this sense, Bansko is the place offering free storage of skis and snowboards, poles and boots.

  1. Fall in love with nature

There are many places in the mountains of Europe where your breath will stop seeing the divine beauty of nature. Bulgaria does not fall back and has all to charm the visitors for the time of travel and leave lifetime memories. The answer to the question “Which Bulgaria skiing destination” to choose to enjoy the environment the most on a full scale isn’t easy to say. Some would say that Pirin is the most beautiful range on the territory, others would argue that Rhodopes is the mountain of magic, the mountain with soul. The best thing about such a question anyway is that you practically cannot mark the wrong answer – every choice among the top resorts will lead you to some of the dazzling Bulgarian natural sites.

  1. Try something new

You should go for the Bulgaria skiing vacation, really, if you haven’t done this before. And if you have it in your history, you might not need convincing to book once again. The country might be located on the furthest edge of Eastern Europe, but in many aspects, the most prominent winter resorts are close to the Western European standards. So, taking out the best of both worlds might sound like a cliché, but it is a reality concerning Bulgaria ski holidays. Are you ready to add it to the list?

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