It all depends on where the person asking the question comes from. Being a citizen of an EU country means that you probably won’t even need the passport to visit Bulgaria, a valid ID card issued by your native country will be enough in case you don’t have a stop at some non-EU state (for a flight transfer, for example). Coming from America – USA or Canada, means that 90 days validity of the international passport after the entry date is required. Not only a passport but also a visa is needed for the citizens of other countries from Asia, Africa, or South America, for instance. But which category the Brits going on Sunny Beach holidays fall into?


Has anything changed after the Brexit?


Not yet. Technically, the United Kingdom is still a part of the European Union. But the rules for the British visitors are not really the same as for the other EU citizens and it’s not because of the Brexit – it has been so ever since Bulgaria has entered the European family. British citizens need the passport to visit Bulgaria and the advice from the most trusted traveling agency in the region is to have at least 3 months left on it when you go for the Sunny Beach holidays. Coming up with the best deals in the area, Balkan Holidays is ready to support your journey and will give you the proper advice in the terms of the ID documents validity.


Anyway, searching through the UK government official channels you might find out that the “passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay” without the necessity of validity for any additional period beyond this. No visa is required for a stay shorter than 90 days and the ones who opt to spend three months at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria are probably few if they are any. It doesn’t mean that Brits don’t return to the most prominent resort on the Black Sea. There are thousands of people from England or Scotland who love the Sunny Beach weather and can’t wait to enjoy it again once their vacation is over. Some make the return even the same summer if they have the chance for another week. Especially the young party “animals” falling for the Sunny Beach nightlife consider going back in August right after the July holiday is over.


You will be probably allowed to enter the country with less three months on the passport


But don’t take it for granted. Some UK travelers have complained about having some headaches at the Bourgas airport with the local border authorities. It is most likely the exception than the rule but does it worth to bet on the chances your Sunny Beach holidays? Make sure that your international ID document has a longer validity concerning the time of your travel to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. If there is no time to issue a new passport or to prolong the validity of the actual passport, contact the local embassy for advice and the company you travel with too.


Generally, a person with a longer experience of travel during the summer will be aware when is the best time to issue a new passport for international journeys, not just for the Golden Sands vacation or Sunny Beach holidays citing the most popular choices in Bulgaria. The next time you apply for such a document plan it to expire in November, for instance – it is unlikely to take a longer break in the autumn, or in January, if you’re not the skiing type and consider enjoying the seaside vacation in the latest stages of the summer. The Sunny Beach weather is favorable till mid-September or even later, so planning for a journey in this period you need to make sure your passport is all right.


Going for a late vacation on the Black Sea you need to know that it will be probably much quieter than a trip to Bulgaria in July. The notorious Sunny Beach nightlife after the end of August is fading away and most of the beach bars close their doors soon after the high season is gone. Anytime you decide to travel to Bulgaria – why not in the winter too, the country has some great affordable ski resort, check the validity of your passport to avoid a headache in the time of your vacation.

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