Once the summer is over, most of you start to look around for an exciting and beautiful place to book for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And it takes a lot of nerves and research if you want to find cheap December holidays. Those great deals always seem to be booked well-well before you even got to think about it. Most of what you get around looking for these unique vacations is overpriced (in your opinion) offers or uninviting rooms you wouldn’t like to spend Christmas at. And sometimes it is even expensive and unassuming in one place, gosh! Bet you didn’t consider what is it to ski Romania most beautiful tracks and this indeed might be the treasure you need to find for the New Year’s celebration.


Snowboard holidays are not unusual in the Carpathian range

Poiana Brasov holidays romania balkan holidays
Brasov, Romania

The country is rarely considered to be winter sports territory, but one will wonder why if get to know that there are at least 50 skiing and snowboarding zones based at the hills of the Romanian mountains. The Carpathian resorts might lack the recent surge in popularity of the Bulgarian snowy destination, but resorts like Poiana Brasov have what it needs for a great ski holiday. What you need to pay for a stay at this location is the lowest level of 4 figures. You might argue that this is on top of your cheap December holidays preferences, but you wouldn’t find easily cheaper bargains even on the Balkans!

Romania mountains are not among the highest in Europe. Poiana Brasov, in particular, has been just a neighborhood of the eponymous city before it was developed and after that (in 2010) reconstructed to become one of the leading tourist destinations of the country in the winter. One of the most prominent Romania skiing zones is situated around 1000 m above the sea level. It seems like being to low for snowboard holidays, but it turns out that the Carpathian hills near Brasov hold snow for good four months from early-December to the second half of March. The continental climate makes sure the temperature stays below zero on average for the more significant part of the season so even if there are no abundant snowfalls above the Romania mountains, the cannons will produce “powder,” and it will not melt away too fast.


It’s easy and fast to access the area

Bâlea Lake, Romania
Romania Ski holidays deals are available by Balkan Holidays

In Romania, skiing zones can be found on a much higher altitude than Poiana Brasov. But the latter has the advantage to be easily accessible from the city which has no active airport so far. The facilities for flight transportation are under construction, so you have to book a seat on the plane to Bucharest, situated 160 km to the southeast from the resort.

The cheap December holidays make only for the reason to start thinking of a visit to this region of the extensive Carpathian range. The versatility of the tracks and ski paths at Poiana Brasov and the near vicinity is a significant advantage. The resort is suitable not only for skiing and snowboard holidays but with facilities for figure skating and short track it also hosted European Youth Olympic Winter Festival several years ago.

If you want to learn ski, Romania is a good choice, this place in particular. There is nearly 4 km of tracks designed especially for the rookies, while the intermediate skiers have this length thrice to master their skills.


Join the New Year’s Eve party!

Cheap deals for NYE in Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia winterExcept for the cheap December holidays, the outskirts of Brasov made a name for being a highly suitable après-ski zone. Romania skiing at night is fun, but the nightlife might be even more amusing. Anyway, don’t dare to think getting on the slopes if you had more than one drink, it might be dangerous to you and the others.

While there are other prominent resorts in Romania mountains like Sinaia or Straja, Poiana Brasov is easy to reach, and beyond doubt, it is an area valued excellent for the money. The positive feedback is just another reason to consider booking of a room there for the winter holidays. But don’t waste too much time on thinking, because you might miss the opportunity.

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