golden sands

Once you get to the Golden Sands, it would be perfectly normal to avoid any disturbance and to prefer the calm and relaxing manner of spending the summer vacation. The most prominent seaside resort in the northern part of Bulgaria has it all to enjoy a great week without stepping an inch away from its territory. Don’t be so lazy, anyway – there is much to trip and see around Zlatni Pyasatsi (the native name of the complex) and it wouldn’t take you long to reach some of the greatest sites on the Black Sea.


The excursions might be added to a great deal


Opting for Golden Sands holidays have to take in mind all the additional activities available during your stay there. But first thing first – the inevitable Step 1 is to book a room or an apartment the price of which will probably surprise you. In a good way. Even if in the comparison of holidays in Bulgaria Golden Sands wouldn’t stand out with the most affordable picks, the quality for the price regarding the accommodation will a budget-oriented vacation. The 3-star hotels in the resort might cost as low as 350 GBP per person for a whole week during the high season – an opportunity worth to be considered seriously.


According to the most experts in the tourist industry, the best-valued choice is to be searched through the 4-star category. For years Golden Sands, Bulgaria gained a substantial positive reputation among Western visitors thanks to the cheap all-inclusive deals – first, mainly Germans were coming in, but recently the Brits also started to crash around in big numbers.


Before going to travel, let’s start with the beach


Golden Sands is named like that for a good reason. The strip washed by the sea is almost 4 km long and is about 100 meters wide at its widest. The beach is one of the best on the Black Sea as a whole and the weather is favorable for the greater part of the summer and even the early autumn. It would be fair to say that the appropriate timing for Golden Sands holidays should be picked between mid-June and early September. Since the resort is located in the northern part of the country’s coastline, it gets colder earlier than in the area south of the Balkan mountains. But in early July or in the last days of August the water is warm and the weather is great with only a few bad days for all the summer.


But if you get bored lying all day on the beach and swimming, what else can you do and where else can you go? The nearest destination is called… Golden Sands. No, it’s not a joke – this is the name of a natural park too, the one that neighbors the seaside resort ride across the road. Actually, it was this area first to be called Zlatni Pyasatsi – 2018 is the year to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the park being granted a special statute. On a hot day, a walk in the shadows of the big trees might be a great way to relax and hold on to the good condition either. Looking for more adventures during the vacation, you might take a trip to the royal palace.


It is a real option and a real destination located only a half-hour away from the main resort. Choosing the holidays in Bulgaria, Golden Sands is one of the spots to have the most places for a quick visit during the day in the near vicinity to your hotel. One of this option is Balchik, standing 30 km to the north from Zlatni Pyasatsi. This small town is famous for being the favorite site of the Romanian queen during the two decades of the Romanian rule in the area. So the royal person ordered a palace to be built there – it actually isn’t that big but worth to be visited. The same applies to the Botanic garden located in Balchik too.


Driving a little bit more to the north you will reach Cape Kaliakra. Except for the great scenery and the nice walk, there is an option to play golf in the area. The northern border of Bulgaria isn’t that far too but it takes at least an hour and a half to reach that area attracting with the beautiful landscape.


You can consider tripping south of Golden Sands – Bulgaria can charm you with dazzling views in every direction. Spending hours in a bigger and busy city such as Varna might not be what everyone would choose to do. But the most populated metropolitan area in the northern part of the Black Sea also has some spots worth the tick in your list – don’t miss the walk in the seaside garden and the joy of the dolphins game in the Dolphinarium. Going a little more to the south might lead to the zone dubbed by some as being the „Bulgarian Amazon“ – the Kamchiya river. The Balkan mountains are within reach with a little more than one hour drive and if you are ready to skip a day on the Golden Sands beach, you might consider a trip to the highlands.


There is plenty to do and see if your pick for the summer is Zlatni Pyasatsi. It’s up to you which option will you choose but one thing is guaranteed – there is no room for boredom during the Golden sands holidays.

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