The summer vacation weighs significantly on the budget so any case you can have something for free is good not to be missed. Well, opting for a destination such as Bulgaria will definitely squeeze a lot less money out of your pocket for the accommodation and additional spending should not be such a great concern. But choosing Nessebar holidays, for example, will open wide the horizon for things to do paying a quid or two… or without spending a penny at all!


  1. Eat whatever you want


Yes, it’s possible but only if you book some of the all-inclusive Nessebar hotels. In the list of the most trusted tour operator in the region – Balkan Holidays, you can choose in the 4-star category between names like Hotel Festa Panorama, Sol Nessebar Bay, Hotel MPM Arsena, or Hotel Aqua Paradise Resort. The price ranges from 320 GBP to 450 GBP per person for a week depending on the place and on the respective airport in the UK operating to Bulgaria, Bourgas airport most of the cases. You can really eat for free in your hotel’s restaurant three times a day and not be spending a penny on food!


  1. Use Internet free of charge


It’s still comprised to the area of the hotel you choose to book for your holidays to Nessebar, Bulgaria. The free Wi-Fi is generally granted in any accommodation of high repute – any of it you find in the list of Balkan Holidays can be trusted for that matter. And as surprising as it sounds, the quality and the speed of the Internet rank high not only for Eastern Europe but all around the continent.


  1. Swimming does not cost anything


If you have a pool on the territory of one of Nessebar hotels you choose to book, you can have all day inside the water without taking care of anything. But it’s the same with the sea – embarking on Nessebar, Bulgaria holidays usually means you go there for the beach. The Black Sea on the shore of this town is favorable for swimmers with different skills. Those who are not experienced better not to dive deep. And everybody, please, always look for the flag! Red is bad, stay outside, yellow is there to remind you that conditions require for anyone to be cautious. The weather for your holidays to Nessebar, Bulgaria should be nice most of the time from late-May to early-September.


“Do I have to pay for the place on the beach?” It depends – the charge is for the sunbeds and parasols that are already installed near the water. On the second line, you will find the Free zone. The inconvenience about it is you have to bring everything with you, the tent or the parasol, the towels to lay your head on. And the sea is little further away but when the sun is hot, stepping on the sand feels like your feet are dancing on the barbecue.


  1. Walk around the Old Town


Seeing one of the favorite tourist sites on the Bulgarian coastline will not cost you anything if you just walk on the cobbled streets. One of the main reasons to opt for Nessebar holidays is the Old Town – a prominent UNESCO World Heritage location, a place still holding signs of life 3 000 years old. It will take two or three hours to explore the area by foot – the ancient section of the resort is actually tiny in a territory and is linked to the mainland by a narrow strip, where you can see the famous mill.


From the outside, you can see the remains of a medieval fortress and enjoy the architecture of 19th-century traditional Bulgarian houses. Visiting the churches (old and active) and museums during your holidays to Nessebar, Bulgaria will be charged a small fee but it worth it too.


So Nessebar holidays promise benefits if you will book your suit in of the most beautiful and colorful places on the Black Sea. Surely you will have to pay for something that is not mentioned here but we might not guess all the free stuff available. You can enjoy it by putting Nessebar, Bulgaria holidays in the top of the list of summer destinations 2018.

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