Winter is yet to come but the Pamporovo ski zone weeks is in the process of thorough preparation for the upcoming campaign. The weather forecast makes a prediction of an average season (not too cold, not too mild) with plenty of snow and sunny days for the visitors. The pre-season excitement of everyone involved is due to the fact that there are about 15 to 20 percent more reservations for Pamporovo ski vacations compared to the same period of the previous year. Up to mid-October, a significant share of the favorite dates was already booked months in advance.


The increased interest has a simple explanation: The price is sensational!

The most prominent Rhodopes Mountain snowy sports area has already made it to the top 10 of the most affordable winter destinations. This time the cost of the holiday in Pamporovo, Bulgaria turns to be even better than before. Paying less than 300 GBP for the accommodation ( ) is a deal you would rarely come around anywhere in Europe. Such bargains were on the list of Balkan Holidays deals starting from the end of the summer, and hundreds of skiers and snowboarders saw their chance to get the “Early Bird” benefit. There might be few weeks left till the season officially kicks off, but you still have the time to reserve a suite on discount.

Pamporovo ski map suits all levels of expertise

Everyone is welcome for a race on the Rhodopes Mountain slopes. There are tracks designed especially for the absolute beginners – the first attempts are most likely to take place on the Green type runs. The rookie kind of trails occupies about 20 percent of the Pamporovo ski map. The largest share is Blue – almost a half (44 %) of the pistes in the area are light yet not for total newbies. Experienced racers, especially those who love the thrill down the hill should not think that it’s all too easy and boring in Pamporovo, Bulgaria. More than one-third of the Alpine and snowboard tracks in the biggest Rhodopes resort is of the Red and Black type, requiring a high level of skills and preparation.

pamporovo ski mapIn recent years a nearby area was added to the Pamporovo ski map. Mechi Chal resort is located above the town of Chepelare and is only 15 minutes away from the more famous neighbor. Both resorts combine to build the largest skiing zone in Bulgaria. So far, Mechi Chal has only a long downhill trail, and the link to Pamporovo ski zone is made only by shuttle buses. But sooner rather than later the combined length of the Alpine runs in both areas will exceed 80 km and then lifts and ski paths will make the connection too.

All levels of difficulty are present. All ages are welcome. Pamporovo ski zone is a favorite destination for young adults, for family tourism – the parents and the kids are happy, and for elderly travelers. Back to the beginner’s guide – it’s never too late to try. For this matter, Pamporovo ski map is particularly suitable for anyone considering to mix the winter break with the ski tuition. The great news coming from Balkan Holidays say that first-timers pack will cost not more than 180 GBP for a week and it includes the lift pass, the equipment hire, and the lesson. The price for children younger than 12 years is almost as half as lower. If you stick to your own skis and boots, there are good bargains available at Pamporovo, Bulgaria too.

Enjoy the winter sun!

winter vacations with balkan holidaysOnly because it’s cold, it doesn’t have to be grim and cloudy! Pamporovo ski area is undoubtedly the sunniest among all Bulgarian winter destination – there are more than 100 bright days during the snowy season and about 270 in an average year. The sun will make you enjoy the vacation, but it wouldn’t melt the snow.  Pamporovo ski map is spread at the altitude above 1500 m, so the temperatures are favorable for winter sports activity for one-third of the year – starting from early-December (or even late-November) up to the end of March. If the forecast favors it, you can visit Pamporovo, Bulgaria for slalom and downhill even in April.

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