Sunny Beach is a summer destination for everyone. Family or just a groups of friends - summer season 2018 is ready to meet you.

What would be the main agenda for you looking for the resort to spend your vacation this summer? Probably, the good weather is on the top of the list. And it should not be a pricey venue to make you work to exhaustion for it a whole year. You might prefer a place where there’s a lot of fun and games and at the same time there are plenty of hotels to rest and relax peacefully. Your summer resort has to be easily accessible and the bonus in the deal will be the opportunity to travel around on short distances for sightseeing. Summing all the mentioned, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to claim that Sunny Beach 2018 represents a top summer destination for everyone.


All stars shining on the Black Sea coast

The beach of Sunny Beach Resort is ready for summer season 2018

Not in the Hollywood sense though. Speaking of Sunny Beach holidays being suitable for everyone, we mean that the leading Bulgarian resort brings on the table a wide variety of choices – one part of the spectrum would fit those looking for a budget vacation while on the high-end luxury and glamour of the highest category hotels will attract the wealthy tourists. When we talk about different options for hotels in Sunny Beach Resort, choices from two to five stars appear on the list of Balkan Holidays, the leading and most trusted tour operator in the region for more than half-century.


Picking a suite somewhere in the center of fee scale you might find that the average Sunny Beach hotels would cost you a lot less than the ones of the same level in Western Europe or even Greece. How about a week-long vacation for 230 GBP per person? Not bad at all, uh, but what’s the catch? You have to book for 4 persons for this type of deal and the food is not included.


But if self-catering is not something you want on the picture of your Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays, plenty of 3-stars choices are also available, including those all-inclusive bargains. Reservation of a package will make sure the food will be within reach for breakfast, then you go to the beach and you don’t have to bother yourself with cooking since the lunch and the dinner are granted too. For this kind of bookings in Sunny Beach 2018 price vary around 350 GBP per person but it will rise as the time goes forward.


The winner of an international competition


Slanchev Bryag as it is called in the native language is indeed a leader in a world ranking. A survey conducted by Post Office among 42 summer resorts all around the globe bring up the news that Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is on the top when it comes to value for price criteria. The Black Sea pearl cost less than 40 GBP per person calculated on a daily basis expense and famous affordable beach venues like Algarve or Costa del Sol turn out to cost a lot more.


What would be the perfect time of the year to book Sunny Beach holidays?


Anytime between late-May and mid-September might work out well for you. Well, it’s not the Mediterranean Sea where you can go swimming and sunbathing in April or October but in the heart of the Bulgarian coastline, there is this place welcoming warmly its guests for nearly one-third of the year. The temperature of both air and water reaches highest levels around mid-July and holds on there for about a month. No surprise that this occurs to be the busiest period in the area and the prospects for Sunny Beach 2018 season look like that too. Reserving a suite for July or August means you have to act fast. June or early September are calmer and the weather is still favorable to spend some wonderful time in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.


Except for the affordable costs, the leading resort of the country located in the heart of the Balkans has gained fame for being a popular party choice. Thousands of Brits will book for Sunny Beach 2018 season to explore if the legend about the Magaluf 2.0 is true. Well, maybe it’s a bit exaggerated, though the night crowd indeed goes wild. But the hype is restricted to certain areas not to mess with the tourists who would like to rest and relax without being bothered by too much noise.


Book a flight to Bourgas airport

Book a flight to the nearest airport of Burgas

In terms of location in the face of Sunny Beach Bulgaria has one of its most easily accessible summer resorts. It is only half hour away from the nearest airport – but be sure to book a flight to Bourgas and not to Sofia or Varna which are situated much further away from the country’s top seaside venue. A big number of planes land and take off from Bourgas every day and if you have any doubts what flight will fit you the most, don’t be shy to ask Balkan Holidays for support.

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